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one way wicking

Sweat One Way Wicking Fabric

Sweat wicking fabric or one way wicking fabric brings the normal wicking performance to the next level. The sweat wicking fabric or one way wicking fabric could absorb sweat from skin to outer side. The inner side hence stays dry. One-way wicking could avoid the damp, wet feeling after sweating. Sweat and moisture will also permeate to the fabric widely and dry quickly.
Sweat wicking fabric or one way wicking fabric don’t have any chemical finishing. The property comes from knitting structure or sometimes functional yarns.

How does one-way wicking work?

• No sticky, sweaty feeling: Because the sweat is absorbed up and moved to the outside of the fabric, your clothes will never stick to your skin. The feeling of the clothes on your skin will always be gentle and smooth.

• Absorbs moisture instantly: As soon as sweat touches the fabric, it is immediately absorbed up into the fabric and due to the weave pattern of the fabric, the moisture is forced to the outer layer.

• Quick drying: As the sweat moves to the outer layer of the fabric, it spreads out over a larger area on the surface. Because the air is now in contact with a larger surface area of moisture, it will dry out the moisture even quicker.

• No chemical additives: The one-way moisture transfer technology that causes sweat to dry up faster is due to the weaving method of the fabric, so it does not require any chemical additives.

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